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We’re Green

  1. The basic premise of a consignment store is to provide an outlet for the reuse of items. High-end, gently used apparel, handbags, shoes and accessories find new life at Consigning Women. Did you know? Consignment does not mean ‘used’. It has nothing to do with the condition of an item. It’s a way of doing business.
  2. We also consign brand new last-season independent boutique merchandise for a fraction of the original retail.
  3. The store is conveniently located on a public transit line.
  4. We have purchased several used fixtures and reconditioned them for reuse in the store.
  5. The store has been retrofitted with new lighting technology that is up to 35% more efficient resulting in less power consumption.
  6. The chandelier fixture was purchased through an on-line community board.
  7. Cleaning products used in the store are made from plant & mineral-based ingredients and are biodegradable.
  8. Following the consignment period, clothing may be donated to charity for reuse by those in need.

Green shopping… at Consigning Women!

Consigning Women

Consigning Women

We offer an eclectic mix of merchandise that is unique and generally not found in a shopping mall. Shop the brick & mortar store for fashion apparel & accessories. For designer/luxury handbags, jewelry and accessories shop with confidence from our online store. Authenticity guaranteed.

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